Indoor Skydiving in 60 seconds

  1. 01022017 Z8i1916ifly Flight

    1. Expert help

    All first-time flights have two instructors - one to help you in the tunnel, and one to control the air speed. Your group will have other first-time flyers, but you are 1-to-1 in the tunnel. This means the instructor will move at your pace.

  2. 01022017 Z8i2105ifly Classroom Instructor

    2. Pre-flight briefing

    We operate state-of-the-art remote virtual training, meaning flyers learn all essential Indoor Skydiving techniques before arrival. Of course, your Instructor will recap everything you need to know (in person) before you take to the air. Flyers should arrive 45 minutes before their flight time to meet their Instructor and gear-up.

  3. Ifly Tunnel

    3. The best technology

    Our vertical wind tunnels are incredible. We have worked to get the best design for the smoothest air flow.

  4. Trip Advisor Certificate

    4. Satisfaction guaranteed

    All our tunnels hold the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and we do all that we can to make sure you have an amazing flight. Plus, all online bookings are covered by ourĀ great flight guarantee.

  5. 01022017 D4a9408ifly Apollo Grouparrival

    5. Amazing memories

    Your flight at iFLY will be unforgettable, but we find many customers like to relive the experience. We've got high-definition camera (in Calgary only) to capture your whole flight. Add pictures or videos to your online booking, or buy them after you fly - they make great profile pictures!